Many of our customers have said that they get a lot of cold calls daily, but our calls have stood out in a positive way.
With the help of these high quality first contacts we have been able to acquire new customers from our desired target audiences - so the results have been good.
The team at Strongest Group is made up of engaged, active and positive people that are fun to work with.
Antti Rajala CEO / Secure Cloud

We wanted to try out Strongest Group's services because we knew the team is full of top tier professionals.

We have been able to send more quotations and we have also made one of our largest sales. Our expectations have been met!

Henrik Lähdeniemi CEO / HSolutions

We quickly found something that could not be done with previous partners.

In other words, hit rates increased, we got face-to-face meetings, customers have come to our studio with real interest to get to know each other and see potential cooperation.

The deal rates are better than either party could have possibly hoped for.

Jaakko Kantola CEO / Source

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Our experienced team of customer acquisition specialists is here to help!

Our experienced customer acquisition professionals are here to help you with any sales challenges!

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