Will you be the next addition to the Strongest Group team?

Why should you apply to Strongest Group?

You maybe should not. At least not unless you are truly passionate about sales, challenging yourself, and improving your financial situation. Not everyone should become a customer acquisition specialist. You should only consider this if you are persistent, determined and willing to learn.

B2B customer acquisition is continuous interaction, problem solving and negotiation. At work, you will develop a huge amount of business understanding. However, it requires that your social skills are in order and that you have an unstoppable mindset.

People who settle for less and avoid responsibility will not succeed in this line of work. With us, enthusiastic and skilled people produce results that exceed the customer's expectations. Our company culture is entrepreneurial and solution-oriented, which means that with us, a professional salesperson is free to plan how they intend to carry out their responsibilities.

We agree on what to do and we do what we agree on. Our customer promise is “More profitable sales, less frustrating sales work.” Working in sales is always personal. To deliver on our customer promise, we can only hire the most promising people for our team.

Our recruitment strategy is written in the name of the company.

Ask yourself if you are ready to:

1. produce top-notch results (and get the industry's highest paycheck)
2. solve tricky customer acquisition challenges
3. get excited about joint success and grow together with a top tier team?

You, who are enthusiastically ready for the adventure that will change the course of your life.

You are welcome to join the strongest!

– Toni Heiskanen